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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Taking On the Enablers of Bullies

Remember my post about the bullies on my first-grader's school bus? I spoke at the school board meeting, handed out copies of news stories on other districts that use video cameras on buses, and asked that the board look into either hiring aides to ride district buses or installing cameras on the buses.

Here's the news story (or here).

I'm very pleased about the story. The school district, a wealthy one, absolutely hates bad publicity. (My husband Ed and I aren't wealthy, but that's another story.) The school board members sat in stony silence after I spoke and had nothing to say. But as the story makes clear, Ed and I are not the only parents who want the bullying on buses to stop. Other parents have said that the school district has had the bullying problem for years and wants to pretend it doesn't exist; we're very much hoping that that's not the case. But even if it is the case, Ed and I will continue to appear at school board meetings and ask what the board is going to do about bullying, until we get an answer.

We will not disappear.


Imperatrix said...

That's fantastic! I does seem to be an ongoing problem in your district. I wish more people were like you and stood their ground when problems crop up. Pulling your kids from the bus and driving them to school just perpetuates the problem.

Stephanie E. said...

Congrats on getting the news coverage! I love how proactive you are when you see something that needs to be done or when your kids' well-being is at issue. Surely the board members will have to take action. They can't ignore you forever. And a wealthy district can't reasonably argue that the cameras would be too costly.

erinberry said...

Good for you for standing up to the school board!

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