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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Pre-Thanksgiving Note of Gratitude

My cabinetmaker husband Ed, newly self-employed, has been taking a huge load off my shoulders, and I'm grateful.

He very much enjoys being the one who, most of the time now, walks our 6-year-old son to the school bus stop in the mornings and who meets him at the bus stop in the afternoons. Ed and I now do the get-ready-for-school routine together each weekday with our 6-year-old and and his 13-year-old brother. I had to do it alone all the time when Ed was an employee, because being self-employed, I was always available. And most times now, he is responsible for supervising our 6-year-old during homework time. I'd been the homework supervisor for years, starting when our now-13-year-old was in kindergarten.

It's so great to have much more of the nitty-gritty of the parenting workload shared these days, though Ed has always been a much more involved father than many fathers I see in our community. And guess who the boys most often choose to go to with homework questions these days: Ed. I feel a tiny twinge of jealousy because they say he's more relaxed about homework than I am. But that doesn't mean that I want all of the responsibility for homework supervision back. ;-)


Imperatrix said...

I understand the bittersweetness of it. I've always been the homework person, but this year, there was a mixup with Impera's math classes, so she and the Consort are working through the math book they are using in Des Moines together in the evenings at home. If she has a question, and he's not around, she'd rather wait for him than ask me.

On the other hand, Trixie's taking French this year, so I am the go-to woman for any questions from her!

Stephanie E. said...

Fantastic! (I'm referring, of course, to all the good stuff rather than the twinge of jealousy about homework-helper choices.) It's clear that this is turning out to be such a wonderful change for all four of you, in so many ways. I'm so happy for you!

OwRaNgE kAt said...

Wow! :) when i read about lives of mothers, i cant help but envision my life someday. right now, i'm still planning the greatest day of my life: my wedding day next year. I'm the fist born so my family is very excited and at the same time apprehensive about it. i've never done weddings before and i feel that at the age of 26-turning 27 this august- I am way too late than most of my colleages.
And I'm not even sure i am ready for motherhood. my mom says its something that comes impromptu. I hope so. :) i've helped babysit most of my siblings but its kind of difficult when it would be my own baby to hover upon someday.
And of course, the daily ordeal of going to school.
whew! I owe it you you mothers the great task not everyone are able to accomplish!
Happy thanksgiving. :)

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