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KOK Edit: your favorite copyeditor since 1984(SM) KOK Edit: your favorite copyeditor since 1984(SM) Katharine O'Moore Klopf

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Waxing Rhapsodic About Buying More Free Time

Well, Peapod just delivered more free time for my family, and I am a very satisfied first-time customer. No, you have not been transported into a commercial.

I picked a larger delivery time range (3:30–7 p.m.) for my grocery order than most people would want to do because that was after my middle child was home from school (last day of this school year), because I got $1 off my order for not choosing a peak delivery time, and because I'm here pretty much all day most of the time anyway, my house also being my office. The driver was friendly and brought the bags of food up my driveway and to the front door, where he handed them off to my sons and me.

The produce was all in good condition, and the frozen foods and meats were still cold. The store warehouse was out of stock of one first-aid item and two fresh veggies, so I wasn't charged for them. The driver handed me a printout of my order and coupons for $5 off each of my next four orders. If I want to use manufacturers' coupons next time, I'll just hand them to the driver, and they'll be entered into the system and the amounts will be deducted from my bill, which is a direct debit from my bank checking account. The driver's smile threatened to wrap around his head when I gave him a $10 tip.

Next week will be a bigger test: We'll order lots more veggies and fruits and more of other items in general. This week we needed fewer items than usual because grocery shopping last week got postponed from Tuesday night to Thursday night, leaving us with more food than we normally have in the house on shopping night.

After the driver left, it took the boys and me 10 minutes of assembly-line unpacking, and we were done! The spousal unit's still at least 30 minutes away from finishing his commute home, and all he has to do when he gets home is cook dinner, instead of cooking and then shopping, then putting the groceries away with me when we're nearly zonked after a very long day, trying to be quiet as we do so because the boys are asleep. Tonight he'll be more relaxed and will smile more, which means the boys and I will also.

Smiles might not be in Peapod's online inventory, but they sure are in the grocery bags.

Updated 6/28/06: We had our second Peapod delivery tonight, and all the food was lovely, including the beautiful ruffly fresh kale. I'm hooked on Peapod!

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