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Monday, December 20, 2004

A Call to Action

Take action right now—today—to stop the certification of the vote by the Electoral College. During the presidential election, as No Stolen Elections says, "machines broke down, counted backwards, eliminated votes, and registered votes for the wrong candidate. Progressive and African-American neighborhoods experienced by far the longest lines on election day, the most vote spoilage, the most elimination of provisional ballots, and the most victimization by precinct manipulation. Four hundred thousand callers phoned voter protection hotlines, with complaints ranging from absentee ballots lost in the mail, to outright voter intimidation and disenfranchisement. And partisan election officials with conflicts of interest undermined voting rights in states from Ohio to Florida to New Mexico. Even progressive Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have questioned the elections' legitimacy, in a series of rigorous, painstakingly detailed letters documenting the unprecedented extent and scope of vote suppression, available at http://www.house.gov/judiciary_democrats/."

No Stolen Elections suggests that you contact the following progressive U.S. senators to take a stand on Thursday, January 6, when Congress meets to certify the vote:

Senator Barbara Boxer
(202) 224-3553

Senator Dick Durbin
(202) 224-2152
contact form

Senator Russ Feingold
(202) 224-5323

Senator Tom Harkin
(202) 224-3254

Senator Jim Jeffords
(202) 224-5141

Senator Edward Kennedy
(202) 224-4543
contact form

Senator Patrick Leahy
(202) 224-4242

1 comment:

Susan said...


Love your blog. I see you refer to some senators as progressive (lowercase P). I've been looking for a Progressive party. I found only the Progressive party of Vermont. Seems there ought to be more. I have been an Independent for 20 years but am interested in joining with other progressives to fight against conservatives trying to make laws for all of their beliefs. Do you know of any Progressive party? I just may have to start one myself.

I had a disturbing argument with a conservative presbyterian evangelical minister (who happens to be a member of my husband's family) regarding the oppression of women for the convenience of men. His argument was this: One example of proof of President Clinton's immorality was when he allowed women in the military to be stationed on aircraft carriers. He felt this was immoral because it provided too much temptation for the military men.

It is the conservatives who want to make situations like this unlawful that have me running scared in my own country. I've always be politically minded but never before have I felt such urgency.

Thanks for having the courage to publish your own beliefs, however unpopular they may be right now.


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