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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Update: My Mother Is in the Hospital

I've been trying to talk to my ex-mother-in-law, Kate (who's in the hospital), for three days now, but whenever I've called, she's always just had a procedure that knocked her out or been given pain meds and has just fallen asleep. But today I got to talk to my ex-father-in-law, Don. He's doing well, and he's his usual sweet, joking self. But he didn't have any good news to tell about Kate. He didn't seem to want to go into specifics about her condition, but he said that all four of their "boys" (my ex-husband, their oldest son, is 49) have been in and out to visit, and not all of them live in Upstate New York where Kate and Don do.

My daughter, Becky, and son-in-law, Li, have decided that they'll name their daughter Anastasia Kathleen in Kate's honor, instead of the originally planned Anastasia Diane. Don says he and Kate are very touched by that gesture of love.

It's so hard not being able to head upstate and hug Kate in person. The best I could do was to ask Don to hug her for me.


Unknown said...

Thinking about you both.

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

Thanks, Songbird. I couldn't ask for a better thinker-abouter. After all, you have the best connections. ;-)

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