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Friday, November 10, 2006

Bush's Oedipus Complex

There are many malfunctions in the psyche of George W. Bush. One of them is his Oedipus complex, says Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald Reagan:
What we saw in Bush’s post-election statement Wednesday was an angry man reading from a prepared speech that was supposed to sound conciliatory but didn’t at all because his voice bristled with resentment. No humility there, no reflection or introspection on the dissatisfaction of a majority of Americans. And, the irony of ironies, with the firing of Donald Rumsfeld, W. finds himself working closely with many of his father’s old advisors.

The term "oedipal" has fluttered around the younger Bush’s presidency from the beginning. Much has been made of the psychology behind the scene of the competitive son marching onto the battlefield his father had vacated, determined to win a war Dad walked away from. When the son raised his fist (symbolically) and cried out, “Mission accomplished!” it wasn’t just about the statue of Saddam being dismantled, ripped to ruins in the center of Baghdad. It was about (again symbolically) conquering his father.
I propose that Bush the Younger also has attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), but that's for another post.


Imperatrix said...

Wait -- is Davis talking about the news conference on Wednesday? Because he didn't sound very angry in my opinion. He didn't sound very presidential, either, though. (I was knocked off my feet when he said something to the effect of: "I thought we'd win in this election cycle -- huh, shows you how much *I* know!")

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

Oh, he was angry. He couldn't possibly have pinched his little monkey face any tighter. He was madder than hell.

markfromireland said...

Alternatively there's nothing wrong with his psyche and he's quite simply an evil man surrounded by other evil men. I don't go for the psychological explanation at all. I prefer to apply Occam's razor and this particular explanation seems to me to cut straight to the heart of the matter.

KCB said...

Bush acted like my 7-year-old does when he's made to apologize for something he doesn't regret doing.

Of course, while my son may be petulant, he doesn't have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I suspect Bush does.

Anonymous said...

Yep. It's Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Unfortunately at least one of the twins seems to have inherited it.

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