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Monday, October 08, 2007

A 19-Year-Old Soldier

Just got word from my sister that my 19-year-old nephew, Jordan, who is in the U.S. Marine Reserves, is now in Iraq. He just recently married, but he's just a baby. He signed up with the reserves to make his mother proud. I can only hope that he eventually comes home alive and not physically or mentally wounded. I would very much appreciate your good thoughts or prayers on his behalf.


LeftLeaningLady said...

Sending all my good thoughts to the troops every day, but will send extra to your nephew.

Imperatrix said...

Here's hoping he comes out of this experience intact, body and soul. How long is his deployment for?

We're currently watching the American Experience series on the Vietnam War, and I just said last night that everybody who wants to sign up and go to Iraq should watch this series first. It's the same darn thing, all over again.

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

Thank you both very much.

Jordan's supposed to be back home sometime in 2008; my sister didn't say exactly when.

Unknown said...

My prayers are with all those serving, it's just terrible.

Stephanie E. said...

You absolutely have them. My cousin will be heading there sometime soon too. Horrifying.

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

Thank you, Songbird and Stephanie.

I'll keep your cousin in my thoughts too, Stephanie.

Robert Rouse said...

I always hate to hear this story. I've heard it so many times in the past. I've watched friends and loved ones suffer from the stress of not knowing. Not knowing when they'd get another call, not knowing when they'll get another letter, not knowing if the next call or letter might be one they are regretting, then the guilt they feel over hearing the "good news" that their loved one was not listed among the casualties.

I hope your sister has a lot of strong shoulders to lean on and there are support groups out there with people who can help stifle the anxiety.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. My nephew served two tours in Iraq, coming home with a purple heart and a minor shrapnel wound the first time. He's now out of the reserves, since his new wife didn't want to be a war widow.

I'll be thinking about you...hopefully we'll get all those soldiers out soon.

Anonymous said...

Responded earlier to a post you had entered last month. Best of luck to your nephew. If it's any consolation, Marine deployments to Iraq generally last between six to eight months (as opposed to anywhere from twelve to fifteen for Army brethren). Speaking as an active duty Coastguardsman, your nephew (as well as all those who’ve deployed with him) are in my prayers. I understand your inclination to regard him as a “baby,” but much like those folks who are entrusted to my charge (I’m a Chief Petty Officer), he’s a young man and should be regarded as such. Best wishes again to him and you.

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