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Friday, June 08, 2007

Bush Drinking Again?

I've seen the tabloids' headlines that alcoholic George Bush, long supposedly sober, is drinking again and that Laura is furious at him because of it. Who believes the tabloids, though?

But it's in the news today that Bush missed some meetings at the G8 summit because of a stomach ailment of some kind. And AMERICAblog reports (and the Daily Mail has photos showing) that Bush was drinking near beer at a dinner the previous night with summit attendees. Hmmm. Could that have upset the poor schlub's tummy? Near beer isn't completely alcohol-free, you know. It just has a lot less alcohol than the regular stuff. The Times of London wryly mentions his beverage choice (see page 2 of the article):

Yesterday afternoon Mr Bush was photographed sipping something that resembled beer, while sitting around a picnic table in a small group with Ms Merkel, but as the President has not drunk alcohol for more than 20 years it is unlikely that it was anything stronger than a fizzy drink.
If Bush, already the worst U.S. president in history, has fallen off the wagon or is heading that way, we citizens need to know about it—fast. It's long seemed as if we've had an alcoholic at the wheel of our nation. If we really do have one, the world is in serious danger and has the right to know it.


MizMell said...

Look at the mess he's made while sober... I would hate to think what we're in for if ole Dubya has fallen off the wagon!

Unknown said...

He behaves that way even when seemingly "dry," which explains a lot about the mess in which we find ourselves.
Katharine, I've tagged you!

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