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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making Your Résumé and Other Files Downloadable from Your LinkedIn Profile

The "Add a link" icon
Why make your résumé or work samples available through your LinkedIn profile, especially if they're already available on your business web site? I always say: The more ways there are for potential clients to find you, the better.

LinkedIn used to have an arrangement with Box.com that would allow users to add Box as an application for their LinkedIn profile. This was handy for making available files for profile viewers to download, such as a PDF of a résumé. A few months ago, that arrangement ended and LinkedIn redesigned users' profiles. A colleague asked me how to make a PDF available now through her LinkedIn profile, and it occurred to me that she might not be the only one who would like instructions for how to do that. Here they are:

  1. Upload the PDF to storage space that you have online somewhere, such as with Box.com or Dropbox. Once it has finished uploading, copy and paste the direct link for the PDF into Notepad on your computer (or into any program on your computer that will allow you to paste a link into it).
  3. Log in to your LinkedIn profile and click the blue button that reads "Edit your profile."
  5. Hover your cursor near an appropriate section of your LinkedIn profile, such as "Experience," in which you would like for your PDF to appear. Look for a blue rectangle with a plus sign in its lower right-hand corner. Click that rectangle.
  7. Add the link to your PDF (which you recorded in Notepad) in the "Add a link" box that appears.
  9. Click the blue "Done editing" box near the top of the page, close to your photograph.

If you already have a link to your résumé or other files you want to share available through your business web site, you can just copy and paste that link into the fourth step above. All that matters is for the file or files to available somewhere online.

Note: The ability to share files from your LinkedIn profile entails using what LinkedIn calls its "rich media feature." The feature hasn't been rolled out yet to some LinkedIn users who weren't sharing files via their LinkedIn profiles before LinkedIn took away access to applications such as Box.com, so if the above instructions don't work for you now, they may soon.

Updated on July 31, 2013, at 12:15 p.m.: LinkedIn has now rolled out file-sharing abilities for all LinkedIn users. Here is a post on the blog of Copyediting newsletter describing what LinkedIn users can do with this capability. And here is a page from the Help section of LinkedIn that lists the types of files that can now be displayed on LinkedIn profiles, through various content-provider intermediaries.


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