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KOK Edit: your favorite copyeditor since 1984(SM) KOK Edit: your favorite copyeditor since 1984(SM) Katharine O'Moore Klopf

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What This Constituent Voted For

What does it take to light a fire under the Democrats now in charge in Congress? They're taking their sweet time ending the war in Iraq.

I know that the U.S. government is a huge, complex wheel that moves ever so slowly, but I expected the new folks in charge to feel their power and use it—right away—to end the tragic farce in Iraq. Instead, they've merely crept along at developing legislation that doesn't really stop King George the Incompetent in his tracks. What in hell does that man and his cronies have on the Dems that keeps them fearful of standing up to him? There has to be something.

Can't they see the urgency of stopping the killing? Of rebuilding the United States' reputation in the world? Is everything just politics—no overriding task to be done immediately?

Look, Congress: Bush's machine is starting to implode. Even though it's over the firings of U.S. attorneys, take advantage and strike now. Find your courage. Do what you know is right. Craft straightforward legislation that will end the war within 6 months. Don't fund the “surge.” Then impeach the lying, incompetent jerk.

And then I'll believe you next time you make promises.

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Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

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