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KOK Edit: your favorite copyeditor since 1984(SM) KOK Edit: your favorite copyeditor since 1984(SM) Katharine O'Moore Klopf

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Sister's Rita Horror Story

Now I know what my sister Becky's exodus from League City in advance of Hurricane Rita was like. She e-mailed me:

What a nightmare.

After 10 hours [of driving], Brooke [her daughter by her second husband, Shawn] and I peed in the car in a small food storage container, me while driving. Brooke said, "Good thing we're Girl Scouts!"

Sorry for not answering your texts—I couldn't spare the battery ... no car charger. Had never needed one before—have a regular charger at work and at home. Was afraid to use phone, as we were down to "two bars" and I had to conserve in case I had to call for help.

Fed Brooke canned ravioli (egads!) on flashcards! I chose the 0 × number [multiplication] ones 'cause of course she knows all of those. I'd tap one out on a flashcard, she'd eat it like a dog would, hand it back, & I'd give her another. Once that flashcard got weak, I got another 0 × or 1 × flashcard.

I begged a drink for Brooke while driving down the freeway. Steven [Becky's current husband] had drinks; I had food. [They were each driving a car.] Never figured on becoming separated. A total stranger gave me a bottled iced tea (it was hot from sitting in the sun in their car)—handed it out the window as we drove 2 mph.

Shawn and I slept side-by-side in our respective cars in a title company's parking lot in The Woodlands, frankly afraid of being carjacked, as there were crazy people everywhere that night ... all out of food, water, and groceries. All stores were closed. I mean it.

Steven had Sam [his and Becky's dog] with him, drinks with him, but no food. He, too, slept in his car—just in a different parking lot.

By the way, when I say slept, I don't really mean slept. I mean dozed, only to jerk awake and look around wildly, making sure no one was trying to get us.

More stories, but I am sure everyone has them. I am glad to be home and safe. I have a job to go home to and a home to live in. Life's great.

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