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KOK Edit: your favorite copyeditor since 1984(SM) KOK Edit: your favorite copyeditor since 1984(SM) Katharine O'Moore Klopf

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My New Hardware

Here's what my wrist looks like after having undergone ORIF (open reduction, internal fixation) for a distal radius fracture, comminuted, with joint involvement and volar subluxation:

Underside of arm, palm up Side view of arm I'll get to keep the stainless steel plate and screws for the rest of my life, even though eventually I won't need them. The orthopedist said it's safer to leave them in; repeat surgery to remove them carries the risk of infection and nerve damage. You can see, in the underside view at the left, why my husband says the plate reminds him of a golf putter.

Being a medical copyeditor, I am fascinated by this stuff, but I'd much prefer that I not be the patient. This was my first bone break; I hope it's my last.


Anonymous said...

Yeeeps! Congratulations on having it done, and may it heal quickly, and may you have few encounters with airport security! :)

My only broken bone ever was a big toe, which hurt incredibly. My sympathies on the whole mess!


Paul Teichert said...

Wow, Kathy, you're right the picture on the left is truly fascinating (it helps to see it more clearly if you double-click on the pic). I never knew there was such a mass of loosely connected bones within the palm of our hands. What an amazing design!

Anonymous said...

Dear EditorMom, Congratulations on coming up with an ingenious way to test airport metal detectors. I hope the time to heal passes quickly so you can get back to faster and more pain-free editing, make a bundle of money, and come visit your two siblings. Meanwhile, I'll try not to complain too much about the KOK e-mail withdrawls I'm suffering from. I'm just glad you're on the road ro recovery, sweetie.

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

Hey, anonymous brother of mine—I miss e-mailing and instant-messaging you during the workday too! I'm getting muscle cramps in my one remaining typing hand. Wish you were here! And you have my permission to take credit for Texans' generosity in taking in Katrina evacuees ... but you may want to avoid taking credit for your state's having produced the current Idiot in Chief. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better and back to work soon. I miss your postings on the EFA list. Thanks for creating this blog so that people could get an accurate description of your surgery. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Glad you're on the mend. My X-ray yesterday showed that the bones of my Colles' fracture haven't moved, so the conservative Scottish doc was proved right not to have used pins. I should be out of the cast in 2-3 weeks. Good luck!
P.S. I got my hair cut short so it can drip dry. I like it!

Katharine O'Moore-Klopf said...

Only 2 to 3 more weeks in a cast? I'm jealous!

The short, drip-dry hair, I already had. The process of showering with one arm, I find very hard and aggravating. I can accomplish it only with the aid of my spousal unit.

And not being able to conduct my usually voluminous amount of daily e-mailing and frequent blogging is even more frustrating and limiting. Ack!

angela buckley said...

Hey, I don't live in Texas anymore, but I never viewed Georgie Bush as anything but an impersonator of a Texan. Get well soon!

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